Monday, March 2, 2015

Stamp Packets Sent For the Month of March , 2015

I am posting these covers today afternoon. I am just posting the scans of the 11 letters before posting them at the Chennai GPO pincode: 600001, the first post office of erstwhile Madras.

Sorry for the time lapse, i could not find time to make stamp packets in time. In future, stamp requests would be processed at about a week's time after receipt of the initial request. Personal exchanges or swap could take some more time. I still working on one such cover for a friend in U.S.A

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February requests received

Friends, i have received these covers and stamp request letters in the month of December, January, and February. I did not have time to process these requests. I found time only today, hence, i am posting these scans. I am preparing return letters with stamp packets this weekend. I will post the scans here before i post them at Chennai GPO 600001

I thank all stamp collectors, who viewed by blog and have sent me stamp requests. I am just one person, working to fulfill the needs all the stamp requests from around the world. I hope, some one helps me to process the stamp requests. But i usually like to do my own work. When stamp requests are received, i personally select all the stamps for the collector who has requested for it. I do not give the job to someone else. Infact, if you want to complain, then i will only take the full responsibility. I am fully responsible for the time lapse in processing the stamp request which i received in the month of december.

I apologize for all the stamp collectors, who have sent their requests, and waiting for their stamp packets. Just do not write me off, as i am back. I will post you the stamp packets within a couple of days.

For specific stamp needs, i received one with a list from a friend in U.S.A, i am working on that.

For Bulk stamp needs, i receivd for school children from Thailand, i am not sure, how to send the stamps to them individually. I can send by registered post in a big parcel. Anyway, the postal clerk, would certainly enquire, what is in the package.

Any way, i will find a way for sure. I have lots of definitive stamps on paper and a carton box full of off paper definitive stamps of  India

If anyone wants to exchange stamps with me, then you could contact me by sending a snail mail letter.

I do not want to use a email id. I have one, two, three, four email ids, but i use one email id regularly, but i am not able to cope up emails anymore. At least the snail mail, will give me a couple of days to process the stamp requests. That is why i have set up this blog.

warm wishes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stamp Packets Sent for the Month of Novermber

Hello collectors, i have sent the stamp packets to stamp requests received in the month of november, today on 3 december 2014 via India post ordinary mail. They should receive their covers in about 10 - 15 days.

Some more covers are pending for this month. I am working on making some more stamp packets.

Indian collectors, if you want to place a stamp requests then you should use a 5 rupee commemorative stamp to send me the written request via ordinary mail. Post cards would not be accepted from within India.

I collect International covers addressed to me, Foreign Post cards and also India Used commemorative stamps. 

Hence Indian Stamp collectors, please use a 5 rupee commemorative stamp for sending in the requests, as i will get a used commemorative stamp on a cover addressed to my address. I will also in turn send you the stamp packet of 50 used definitive stamps from India through ordinary mail affixed with a recent 5 rupee commemorative stamp from India. So both of us benefit by this exchange.

warm wishes.

stamp requests received in the month of November 2014

i have received stamp requests via these cover, post cards shown below. I have posted the stamps to them in return today 3 december 2014 via India post snail mail. I hope they will receive the covers in 10 to 15 days.

Thanks for all the above friends, who have sent the stamp request via snail mail. I have posted their stamp packets today.

warm wishes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free Stamps For Collectors

This is a unique effort to spread the art of philately. I will send 50 used definitive off paper stamps of India to any one who submits a written requests via snail mail.

This is not a scam or online fraud. There are many other websites which will offer stamps for free for young collectors under the age of 17 or to only kids.

I offer stamps to each and every collector who sends me a wonderful cover or a post card to my residential address with a written request.

Note: I do not ask for a self addressed stamped envelope. I only ask you to write a letter to me. It will only cost a minimum of 80 cents in the USA. Universal Postal Union has set only very minimum rates for snail mail throughout all nations. Hence i ask you to spend a little, gain some 50 used definitive off paper stamps of India in return from me, develop a friendship.

What do i get in return: There are no strings attached to this unique effort of giving away free stamps from India. I initially receive a letter from you, with a hand written letter from you. Today no one writes a letter. In that way we would be promoting letter writing.

I collect postal marks and covers, a letter written to me is very unique to me. I intend to collect different covers from different parts of the world.

What do you get in return: Once i receive a hand written letter from you, i will acknowledge the receipt, then i will send you a packet of 50 used stamps to your address. You will receive a letter from me and 50 different  definitive stamps from India. After you receive the stamps, you could acknowledge the receipt. Then we develop a friendship

What does the Postal department get in return: Postal departments all over the world are either closing their post offices or restricting their services or on loss. Hence our letters would increase the postal traffic, so the postal departments will have more work to do and will not be a loss making effort.

What does Philately get in return: The science of Philately would get different kinds of postal marks, hand written letters, commemorative stamps would never stay as mint stamps, they will get used up and fill the stamp collectors album. Philately is an art not a science, history could be created by like minded philatelists all over the world.More youngsters would start collecting stamps or at least middle aged men would rejuvenate they long forgotten hobby of stamps collecting.Advanced collectors could see more young people turning up at stamp exhibitions.


1)Please do not send any self addressed stamped envelope, as i am in India, i will pay for the shipping
2)Please do not expect high value stamps in the first sending. They will come after some time.
3)Please do not send money donations for this free stamps giveaway effort. i will bear all the costs.
4)Please do not send anything in registered mail or signed for delivery, as it would cost more and also some customs duties could be levied at the receiving end.


1)Do send a hand written request for free stamps India giveaway effort with the minimum postage according to your country's postal regulations.
2)Write your postal address clearly or in a easy to read manner, or give your printed address slip.
3)Write your postal pin code or zip code with state and country name clearly.
4)If you are satisfied with the stamps you receive, please spread the word around to other collectors in your locality, as they can benefit from this unique effort.
5)Stamp Donations are always welcome for this free stamps giveaway effort, but please consult before donating. Please ask me what or how stamp donations could be done via my email id or through letter / snail mail
6)Always agree to disagree with me, at least we do agree in our disagreement.
7)Donate your excess stamps to any fellow collector or budding stamp collector, at least he / she will live longer than us to treasure our postal history and our fond memories. Our good deeds would be remembered for a long time.

 My Contact Address:

Mr.Ramesh N. Palaniappan

Old no: 12, New no: 23,

First Floor,Nainiappan Street,

Mannady, Chennai

Tamilnadu, India

Pincode: 600001

All request letters should be sent to the above address. I will add a email id too for any clarifications other than stamp requests. Stamp requests should be routed via a written letter only and not by email.

warm wishes.