Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February requests received

Friends, i have received these covers and stamp request letters in the month of December, January, and February. I did not have time to process these requests. I found time only today, hence, i am posting these scans. I am preparing return letters with stamp packets this weekend. I will post the scans here before i post them at Chennai GPO 600001

I thank all stamp collectors, who viewed by blog and have sent me stamp requests. I am just one person, working to fulfill the needs all the stamp requests from around the world. I hope, some one helps me to process the stamp requests. But i usually like to do my own work. When stamp requests are received, i personally select all the stamps for the collector who has requested for it. I do not give the job to someone else. Infact, if you want to complain, then i will only take the full responsibility. I am fully responsible for the time lapse in processing the stamp request which i received in the month of december.

I apologize for all the stamp collectors, who have sent their requests, and waiting for their stamp packets. Just do not write me off, as i am back. I will post you the stamp packets within a couple of days.

For specific stamp needs, i received one with a list from a friend in U.S.A, i am working on that.

For Bulk stamp needs, i receivd for school children from Thailand, i am not sure, how to send the stamps to them individually. I can send by registered post in a big parcel. Anyway, the postal clerk, would certainly enquire, what is in the package.

Any way, i will find a way for sure. I have lots of definitive stamps on paper and a carton box full of off paper definitive stamps of  India

If anyone wants to exchange stamps with me, then you could contact me by sending a snail mail letter.

I do not want to use a email id. I have one, two, three, four email ids, but i use one email id regularly, but i am not able to cope up emails anymore. At least the snail mail, will give me a couple of days to process the stamp requests. That is why i have set up this blog.

warm wishes.

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  1. Dear Palaniappan,

    I am based in Chennai as well. I am most interested in obtaining used India commemorative stamps. Can you help please?

    My email is

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,