Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stamp Packets Sent for the Month of Novermber

Hello collectors, i have sent the stamp packets to stamp requests received in the month of november, today on 3 december 2014 via India post ordinary mail. They should receive their covers in about 10 - 15 days.

Some more covers are pending for this month. I am working on making some more stamp packets.

Indian collectors, if you want to place a stamp requests then you should use a 5 rupee commemorative stamp to send me the written request via ordinary mail. Post cards would not be accepted from within India.

I collect International covers addressed to me, Foreign Post cards and also India Used commemorative stamps. 

Hence Indian Stamp collectors, please use a 5 rupee commemorative stamp for sending in the requests, as i will get a used commemorative stamp on a cover addressed to my address. I will also in turn send you the stamp packet of 50 used definitive stamps from India through ordinary mail affixed with a recent 5 rupee commemorative stamp from India. So both of us benefit by this exchange.

warm wishes.

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